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2019 Mindfulness Conference Session Descriptions 

Ever since the first New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference in 2015, we’ve come together each year to look at the faces, forms and functions of mindfulness in our state.

A common theme has always been the exploration of what it means to cross boundaries for inclusion and diversity in purposeful, meaningful ways. Our conversations focus on mindfulness in society, education, business, healthcare, families and more. This year is no exception.



Be Like the Ocean: On Healing, Peacemaking and Empowering Justice through Mindfulness and Compassion 

  Rhonda Magee 

In this opening plenary session, Rhonda  Magee will draw links between mindfulness and the personal justice of caring for ourselves, the interpersonal justice of making amends and collective justice of transforming our suffering into the energy for transformative change. 





10:30 - 12:00 PM

 Collective Mindfulness Healing Circle

   Rhonda Magee

Inspired by the South African practices of Ubuntu ("I Am Because You Are") and Inimba ("Inherent, Embodied Connectedness"),  and the inspiration of  the teaching of "Be Like the Ocean," Rhonda Magee will engage  participants  in a circle practice aimed at sharing our stories in ways that connect and empower us. 


Wisdom Healing Qigong for Health and Vitality

    Master Mingtong Gu

Especially in this digital age, most of us feel overwhelmed, too busy, and mentally stressed. In this workshop, Master Mingtong Gu will lead you in the powerful ancient practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong, which combines mindful movement, sound healing, visualization, and meditation to reconnect mind, body and heart with an abundant flow of natural life energy.

Facing Reality : Turning Oppression into Opportunity

    Heather Garcia and Michelle Soto

This session is led by two Youth Leaders who face various  personal, familial and societal  challenges . Of all the ways they could respond to those challenges, they chose a pro-active, nonviolent path to be change makers in their school and communities.  Advocating in Washington DC for passage of the Dream Act, organizing students to demonstrate for Parkland High School, creating an organization and speaking out against bullying and more.  They want to share the motivation that led to their choices and help participants develop their own social-emotional intelligence tools.

Mindful Money:  Aligning Your Money with Your Values

     Genevieve and Paul Mitchell

The facilitators of this session will ask us to look at how our relationship to money (earning, spending, saving and investing) creates the world we live in. Do our money decisions reflect what we value? What is the story we tell ourselves about money? (Is there enough? Is more better?, Does it have to be this way?). Participants will consider what is "enough" and will leave with new ideas and resources to create their new money story.


1:45 - 3:00

Through the Door : Quantum Change and Transformation

    Winged Women  

A deeply experiential workshop led by the Winged Women who are participants in and facilitators of the creative transformation partnership between Esperanza Shelter  and Chrysalis NM.

These Winged Women have survived abuse and support one another to thrive in freedom and joy, living into the discovery of what post-traumatic growth looks like. 

We will explore the theory of quantum transformation, and the idea of stepping into change and knowing it can happen with a shift in thought and intention.

We will dance it, meditate it, energize the change we want to see, and write it into its new incarnation, stepping through the door as we claim our deep desires and new stories.



 Sharing Circle for People of Color Practicing Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation in Community

    Farah Nousheen and Raquel Madrigal of Yoga & Meditation for People of Color

We have heard it asked of us too often: “Why is there a need for yoga and meditation gatherings (or sangha, spiritual community) for people of color only? Doesn’t this cause more division among us?” Without any critical thought, it would appear as so.

In this discussion of only self-identified people of color, we will explore why a people of color spiritual community is necessary. 

Discussion topics will include:

  • Who are “people of color” and what does “self-identify” mean? Is it a visible identity, an attitude, a political stance, a racialized experience?
  • Experiences of black people, indigenous people, and people of color (bipoc) in predominantly white spiritual communities that are based in Eastern philosophies (i.e. yoga, Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness, etc.)
  • These practices as “colonized” and culturally appropriated, and in the global context of spiritual suppression and colonization across the world including New Mexico.
  • How is a safe and brave space for POC created and sustained?
  • In terms of practice, how does yoga/meditation for people of color differ from yoga/meditation practiced in meditation centers and yoga studios?
  • What is the role of Asian practitioners, who are more directly impacted by the colonization and commodification of South Asian and East Asian spiritual practices?
  • How else does intersectionality matter in the context of interlocking systems of oppression – racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, colonialism, (im)migration, etc?
  • What are stories of healing, empowerment and liberation that we can share from our POC spiritual community in New Mexico?




Love and Movement :  the Foundation for Wellness

    Native Health Initiative & Running Medicine

Running is universally a part of ceremonies and healing in Native American cultures and is done as a way of giving thanks and praying. Thus, invoking the idea that running is medicine for mind, body and spirit.  The approach to individual and community wellness is based on Loving Service, the act of being there for one another and doing one’s part in the community. Through interactive learning, participants will learn how this approach is transformative and explore ways that love and movement can be part of their own meditation, wellness and social justice work.

Wisdom Healing Qigong for Activists, Professionals and Leaders

   Master Mingtong Gu

In this session Master Mingtong Gu will support you to increase your capacity to fulfill your mission on the planet as a professional, leader, or activist. Learn skills to access your inner medicine of mind, body, and heart, release energy blockages to open yourself to deeper levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Your personal health and well being extends into the well being of others, the health of our communities, and the well being of the planet.


3:15 - 4:45 

Mindfulness and Transforming Education Systems 

    Rhonda Magee and Lauren Winkler 

A New Mexican example of the ripple effects of mindfulness for transforming systems. Rhonda Magee was a law professor for Lauren Winkler who is  current Staff Attorney for the NM Center for Law and Poverty's Education Team. Lauren was lead attorney for a landmark court ruling that New Mexico violates the constitutional rights of students and mandated that the state must provide adequate funding for schools so every New Mexico student can have an equal opportunity to learn and succeed.  In an interactive, Ubuntu Dialogue together with the audience, Rhonda and Lauren will describe how they've brought awareness to the work of transforming education, and some of the lessons they have learned along the way.

Living with Intention: Building Alliances Across Differences

  Maia Duerr

This session is designed for people who wish to reflect on our place in the system of racism and white supremacy, so that we can more effectively challenge these systems and step into liberation together.

We will use mindfulness practices to create a “brave space” in which to explore concepts of…

  •     Intersectionality
  •     Racial conditioning
  •    Ally-ship and Solidarity

The facilitator will guide the group using reflective, engaging, and contemplative practices. Participants will come away with the tools and awareness to be wholehearted community members and allies.

This is an introductory level session, suitable for those who are in the beginning stages of reflecting on racial justice and whiteness. Those with more experience with this topic are also welcome to join and deepen the conversation.

Pre-requisite: an open heart and mind. Given the content and the flow of the breakout,  participants are invited to commit to not leaving part way and to stay for the full 90 min session.


Embodying Peace and Justice

    Samia Assed, Jiva Shanti and Monique Salhab  of Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice

As activists, organizers, healers, and community members, we choose to turn toward suffering and oppression and meet them with action, so we need to cultivate systems that support us to heal moral injury and build resilience within ourselves. The Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice has embarked on a process of reflecting on such systems, which entails engaging harm and healing, creating accountability, and building racial and gender justice in our community and beyond. Drawing from multiple faith traditions and healing practices, this session will bridge personal spiritual practice and systems change to support you and your community to create and sustain equity, inclusion, and justice.

Session takeaways:

  • Understand the connection between personal mindfulness and sustainable systems
  • Ground spiritual practice in work for social justice and peace
  • Deepen commitment to mindfully address oppression
  • Learn about resources in Albuquerque that can help deepen your practice of engaged mindfulness



Yoga for People of Color Meditation Space 

   Yoga and Meditation for People of Color 


5:30 - 7:30 pm

Party Time

It's time for Mindfulness and Social Justice to include the SOCIAL part . Emcee Drew Groves. Live music with Jazz Singer Patty Stephens, Storytelling, Games , Dancing and more. 

Sponsored and co-hosted by Bosque Center for Spirtual Learning

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